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Parmesan Chicken Noodle Corn Casserole

We had some leftover chicken breast after baking a cut-up bird earlier in the week. We also had taken the leg pieces at first and did a fried chicken dinner using some of our lard - yummy!  Anyway, I've posted this recipe before, but it is a fabulous recipe and really good comfort food on a chilly fall or winter night, so I wanted to post it again. Works with turkey, too - dark or white meat or both! 4 cups diced cooked chicken or turkey 4 cups dried noodles (bow tie pasta works well!) 15 oz. corn, frozen or canned 1 can cream style corn 2 cups carrots (fresh or frozen – if frozen, thaw, if fresh, cook ‘til tender) Sauce : 3 T butter, melted 1 medium onion, diced (approx.. 1 cup) 1 stalk celery, diced (approx.. ½ cup) 1 garlic clove,  minced ¼ cup flour 2 ½ cups milk 1 cup sour cream 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese 1 cup chicken broth 1 tablespoon minced sage 1 tablespoon minced thyme 2 tablespoons min