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Showing posts from June, 2012

Strawberries coming on!

We had to replant our strawberry patch last year, as we had allowed it to grow together into a huge mass and couldn't keep it weeded. After a year or two of weeds gaining, we just plowed it down and started over with three rows of new plants. This year the new plants are coming on great, and yesterday I picked the first berries - got about 4 quarts or so. Strawberry shortcake for supper tonight!

Pancetta from Coach Stop Farm Berkshire Pork!

One of our customers, Jon, just sent me this GORGEOUS photo of pancetta he cured himself in a curing chamber using the side pork from one of our great Berkshire hogs. He says, " Sweet, salty porky goodness."  Looks so yummy, I want to print out the photo and take a bite! Nice job, Jon!