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Blueberry Jam and Syrup time, plus some garden goodies.

Haven't posted for awhile, because we have been consumed with cleanup from the tornado - had to move everything out of the entire upper floor of our house and the garage so the roof repairs could commence - ceilings and rafters and damaged roofs torn off, dumpsters full of the detritus of that activity, huge vehicles destroying the lawn delivering wood and roofing materials - we look like refugees in a war zone at the moment. But as of yesterday, the roofs are enclosed again - what a relief! But, in the midst of this, a neighbor got free blueberries from a friend and shared them - Darrell made blueberry jam when he wasn't building the new chicken coop, and plans to make syrup with a few more pounds of berries that are coming our way. I had to travel for my business and came home to find a dozen jars of jam awaiting our "from the kitchen at Coach Stop Farm" labels that I create. And, the beets in the garden, which I had sampled the day before I left on the trip, hav

Red Raspberries!

Our fairly young patch of raspberries is finally beginning to produce enough fruit to use. Our first batch of red raspberry jam from our own berries is in the jars. Darrell mentioned something about raspberry sorbet . . . . hmmm!