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Is the chicken local?

A CSF customer and fellow food blogger sent me this link to a rather hilarious video lampooning the sometimes over-the-top attitudes on the part of people trying to make sure they eat healthy food. I thought I'd share the link. Click here to see the YouTube video entitled "Is the chicken local?" . . .

Sauerkraut was NOT a resounding success . . .

Not sure what happened with the 'kraut I canned last fall - the first time I had done it, it worked out well. This time, even though I let it stand longer, to get more fermented (per some of the comments I had read online), it is not sour enough AND has too much salt. For me, that's saying something, as I'm a salt freak. The first time I did 'kraut, I had some sort of "recipe" of amount of cabbage to amount of salt, but I couldn't locate it, so I had found what seemed to be a similar process online. I don't think I overdid the salt the process called for, and I had about that amount of cabbage, so it's a mystery. If I do more 'kraut next summer, I'll have to spend some time researching better ways to ferment it, as this particular process didn't yield a product we're crazy about. I now have several jars of 'kraut that probably won't get used, unless I can figure out a creative way to salvage them. As is, I'm not willing