Sunday, October 30, 2011

Odd Pods and other garden adventures

Oh, my, I cannot believe it has been 3 months since I made time to update this blog! I've been posting items on our Facebook page and ignoring the blog, unfortunately.

In the last week, I've made a major effort to get as much in from the garden as possible. Today, I dug the rest of the potatoes, picked kale and steamed it for the freezer, and canned beets. My back is telling me I spent too much time on my feet today!
from this
to this - love beets
redskin potatoes
love this beautiful kale - yummy, too!

As I was going to pick the kale, I noticed (again) the seed pods on the French Breakfast Radishes that bolted - I never turned them under, so the radishes got huge and gnarly, and the plants grew these amazing seed pods! 
Radish seed pods
French Breakfast Radishes gone gnarly!

Equally amazing to me was finding a secondary head of cabbage on one of the old stalks. It's actually nice and firm, so I cut it off and have it in the crisper. 

Darrell made pickled peppers last week from jalapenos we grew.
Last weekend I picked all the squash and dug the Kennebec potatoes - they've been hardening off in the garage, and today I hauled them downstairs to store.