Sunday, April 24, 2011

New feeder pigs for Easter!

Last Tuesday, between the rain showers, Darrell went to pick up 9 little feeder pigs. We also have 3 little ones that were born to a sow here, which means that toward end of summer and into fall, we will have pigs to sell - finally!

We had issues getting feeders, tried farrowing a couple of sows this winter, which didn't work out well due to the cold. We are set up better for that, but now that spring may actually be upon us, things will be easier on that score.

I wanted to take photos of the little pigs in the field pen, but it has been so wet and nasty since they came, they are penned inside the big shelter - we didn't want to risk them getting too cold and too wet and ending up dying of hypothermia. They have plenty of room inside the shelter, and are bedded in deep straw to keep warm. They sleep in a pile like puppies and kittens - so cute! When it dries out some, they'll get turned out into the larger pen - I'll get some photos of them at that time. Several of them have big white blazes on their faces - cute little critters!

When Darrell got back with them in the stock trailer, he backed down the lane as close to their area as he could get, but the lower lane and big pasture area are so saturated, he didn't dare get off the main lane. So, he carried the nine little ones in a big feed tub with a piece of plywood over the top - 1 or two in a trip - took him 6 trips, walking several hundred feet from the trailer to the pen in the pasture, to get them there. I stayed by the shelter, keeping the arrivals in the shelter - Tuesday was so cold and nasty! After they were all in, we put a length of hog panel across the entrance to the shelter to keep them inside.

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